Between the Sundays

As a kid you’re told not to judge a book by it’s cover. And since most people will watch a movie before reading a book in today’s world, I guess it might be more appropriate to say that we shouldn’t judge a movie by it’s trailer alone. Either way, it’s the idea that what exists […]

Opening the Scriptures

There is something about opening the scriptures that pulls you into a world that is both relevant and amazingly historic. You are pulled out of the smaller story of you and in the larger story of He who is so much greater. On Tuesday I have the privilege to open the scriptures for a group […]


When I moved to Tennessee, I was hired to work as a personal trainer for a large gym chain in the area. The people I have been training there have been truly great. I laugh with them, am challenged by them, and I’m inspired by them. The only sad part is I’m leaving that job […]


I will be sharing about prayer as a small group leader today at Crossroads Community Church in Manteca, CA. This is always a great weekend. Crossroads always does such a great job hosting this event and serving the larger body of Christ. Here is a copy of the my notes… Synergy12.


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