DAY 67: Progress!

06/25/09:  214.6 Getting closer and closer each day.  Tomorrow I go in for my first massage ever.  I hope they actually rub a couple pounds away too.  (Ha Ha… but it’s kind of gross if you really think about it!)

DAY 64: Back to the Grind

06/22/09:  216.2 Well with the ride last week, I didn’t lose all that much.  Which may sound odd at first, but you end up eating a lot.  You eat a lot because you’re working hard and hungry, but also because you don’t want to crash physically while pedaling! It probably didn’t help at all that […]

DAY 53: Tour De Modexico

06/11/09:  217.4 ugh… getting to glad about what’s lost that I’ve taken my eyes off the goal (again).  It probably doesn’t help all the Mexican food I’ve been inhaling either; especially from Tour De Modexico! This is becoming a difficult task.  But I’m going to get there!  Back on track today for sure!

DAY 50

06/08/09:  216.6 Well, I’ve officially lost 16 pounds… that’s 2 of the three “jugs of milk” I wanted to lose!  I’m feeling pretty good about that.  It is definitely going slower now that I’m getting closer to my goal. Oh, and maybe this will help… ha ha!


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