It's been awhile…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  Wrestling with time like most people; therefore, the abrupt nature of this post.  I hope to post more in the near future. I’ve actually been reading a bit more… so there might be a book review or two coming soon. Another thought I’ve had was to post a series […]

Poetry; good and not so much

This is a poem I wrote after a simple, and somewhat silly, discussion the other day about how Koi fish will grow to the size of their environment.  It’s built into their DNA to just take, fill, use what they’ve been given and nothing more.  That’s contentment to me… * * * * * * […]

DAY 76: Bounce Back

07/06/09:  213.6 Well, the fourth of July weekend was a pretty good one.  I grabbed a couple extra calories though.  And yet I’ve tried to temper it with a bit of hard riding last week; 110 miles outside and 2 1/2 hours of spin.  The positive sign is the consistent 213 or 214 in the […]

DAY 73: How to Lose 1.5 lbs by Lunch!

07/03/09:  213.0 As of this morning, I weighed 214.6.  After a 51 mile Del Puerto Canyon ride I know weigh 213 pounds!  So, if you need to drop some “lbs”, there is the magic answer! I have been a bit of a diet induced plateau… that’s a fancy way of saying I’ve been eating too […]


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