I recently watched a movie about a man who struggled with a profound alcohol addiction, which in turn led to him destroying his life with other drugs, losing his family, and ending up in prison. It was tough to watch at points because, as in any good story, you are compelled to pull for the […]

Going Vegan

For all but 5 days of the month of January I made it my goal to try and eat vegan. I say try because I found it tough to eat completely dairy and egg free at times. It wasn’t the eating of these foods themselves, but it was eating things that contained them. For example, […]

Guess who’s 199!

Today is a milestone in my journey of fitness, life overall for that matter.  As of this morning I broke the 200 lb. threshold.  I should probably call it a choke-hold since my weight has been an ever-present reminder of my lack of discipline, insecurity, and unhealthy coping mechanism for many years now. I went […]


Do you know what that stands for? It stands for Certified Personal Trainer… and as of yesterday, I am now one! I have been studying for the last five months to reach this goal. I chose the national accreditation offered through NASM, the National Academy of Sports Medicine. It wasn’t easy learning the medical names […]


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