My Ride Today…

Here is a view from my bike ride today– you don’t get this in Modesto! It was a great ride with Todd from the Journey crew in Southern California.  Check out the route and the 3D feature. After clicking this link, press the 3D in the left panel and watch the route topographically.  Check out […]

“It’s like riding a bike…”

Well, I got my bike back finally. Oh yes… maybe you didn’t hear that I got violently launched off my bike during an organized charity ride on September 18th. I happened to be cruising with a mini-peleton of about 20 riders when the cyclists 2 bikes ahead of me slipped out of line causing the […]

Recent Opinion Post to

After two fellow bike riders got hit by cars in the Modesto area & following quite a few close calls on my own, I thought I’d ask people to share the road! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * […]

Hamilton or Bust

So tomorrow I will be making my second attempt at the Canyon Classic.  This ride begins in Patterson and snakes it’s way up Del Puerto Canyon for about 25 miles. Then after a left onto San Antonio Road, the path undulates for another 15 or so miles before arriving at the base of Mount Hamilton.  […]


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