Some Tough Questions!?

Indented below is a quote I ran across the other day while reading. I quickly shared the words on facebook, but the heart of it has lingered for awhile now. It paralleled my morning’s passage of scripture (also indented below) so well that I couldn’t escape the fact that this pairing was something the Lord […]


I recently watched a movie about a man who struggled with a profound alcohol addiction, which in turn led to him destroying his life with other drugs, losing his family, and ending up in prison. It was tough to watch at points because, as in any good story, you are compelled to pull for the […]

Going Vegan

For all but 5 days of the month of January I made it my goal to try and eat vegan. I say try because I found it tough to eat completely dairy and egg free at times. It wasn’t the eating of these foods themselves, but it was eating things that contained them. For example, […]

The Bucket List

Everyone has that list of stuff they would like to do, experience, or accomplish before they die. Well, here is my working bucket list, in no specific order: 1) Finish writing this crazy book. I have been trying for awhile and I’m just super slow when I do have time for it and then feel […]


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