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Stages 1 & 2


Well stages 1 & 2 of the Stutz Tour of the Country (STOC for short, ha) are complete. We started off leaving Modesto at around noon on Thursday after we had a bunch of help packing our 16-foot Penske truck like a sardine can. Of course we reserved one nice location for my bike though.

Ei had placed a posterboard sign on the side of the truck that read, “Tennessee or Bust.” Unfortunately since it was on the side of the truck it only made it to Stockton. It proceeded to blow off and onto the grill of the truck following us! Seriously! It was hilarious. I could see that guy getting out of the car and wondering, “How did that got there and why Tennessee?

We stayed in Lake Tahoe that night, where we found some killer pizza for dinner. That is such a beautiful place. What a blue, picturesque location. Too bad the wind was raging and it was near freezing, brrr! By the morning, Stage 2, there were snow flurries.

It proceeded to rain and snow on us all the way to Carson City, NV where we gassed up the truck and headed to Elko, NV for the night. There were a few wonderful stops along the way (chuckle, chuckle). The first was at the Wilbur May Museum. This guy was any early 1900s rich adventurer and collector of rarities. It was a fun stop. The second stop was the largest sporting goods store I’ve seen, everything from Cervelo to Remington. Eli picked up a BB gun for the farm this summer and the family road the indoor ferris wheel (yes, indoor). These places may not be Disney, but they make the trip tons of fun and break up the driving.

We arrived at Elko safe and sound, had dinner, did a bit of laundry, and crashed. Oh, and Champ has been doing great in the truck, sniffing every state significantly and relieving himself all along the way.

The Lord has been good to give us rest, show us beauty, keep us safe, and let us get along (mostly, ha). Thanks for the prayers! Stages 3 begins today, Salt Lake City. Yep, should be interesting …


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