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Boxes, Boxes Everywhere…

My house is full of boxes, packed boxes that is. I can’t believe this day is finally here. Tomorrow, we load up the truck and head out!

The good-bye parties are over. All the awards chapels for school are complete. The leftover items have been Craigs-listed or hauled to the curb for special pick-up. Even Champ seems ready to go.

One more thing left to do. Tonight will be special as Kaitlyn graduates from the eighth grade. Then we sleep one last night in Modesto before the journey begins.

The plan is to head to Tahoe the first night and depending on the weather, Park City, Utah the next night. My birthday (the 28th) will be spent in Colorado Springs (actually spending two nights there). We hope to visit Garden of the Gods and maybe eat a big burger or tour something fun.

After the enjoying the Rockies, the mid-west will bring us through Kansas, with a stop to see the world’s largest ball of twine (not much in Kansas). We are planning on staying with my uncle in Kansas City, Missouri before visiting Concordia, Missouri and the Arch in Saint Louis.  I grew up in Concordia, from fifth grade to tenth.

The final leg will bring us through Kentucky, Nashville, and then on to Knoxville/Seymour, TN. This should be quite the adventure with the dog, moving van, and the kiddos with Michelle in the car. Pray for our safety.

I plan on posting every other day of the trip. I will also be changing my facebook profile to a picture of the “you are entering _state_” signs, a simple track the Stutz’s app.

God bless, and thank you for your prayers.

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