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Guess who’s 199!

Today is a milestone in my journey of fitness, life overall for that matter.  As of this morning I broke the 200 lb. threshold.  I should probably call it a choke-hold since my weight has been an ever-present reminder of my lack of discipline, insecurity, and unhealthy coping mechanism for many years now.

I went off to college in 1994 at 190 lbs. and my brokenness had no bounds. My first semester saw the addition of the Freshman 15. Not long after that I ballooned up to 255, maybe more around the birth of Kaitlyn. The years following saw the roller-coastering of fad diets and leaf-turnings, but nothing corrected the reasons that I chose food for reward or punishment. However, through the grace of our Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit enabling my lifestyle of eating and exercise discipline, I have seen great victory. I don’t need food to comfort me when the gospel of Jesus is enough.  I don’t need food to punish my sorry sinfulness away. I have the grace of Jesus and the promise of life, hope, and glory in Him.

Psalm 63 states that “He satisfies me as with the richest of foods!”

So, this goal, beginning in February, has been properly realized today! And I am excited! Yes, I will have a feast this week, but then it’s back to the discipline of health that has been a life change now for just under 10 months.

Want to know more, ask me about it.  I love to share how this victory came to be!

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One comment on “Guess who’s 199!

  1. Yay Shawn that is wonderful! congratulations!

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