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Insights from the Journey

All last week I was at The Journey conference at Pine Springs Ranch in Southern California, in the high mountains just south of Palm Springs.  It was a great time of refreshment; becoming the people of God in community.  Here are a few insights I picked up this time around about obstacles Post-Modern people must overcome on their path to salvation.

  1. They must overcome their hostility to God, His church, and His people
  2. They must overcome their unwillingness to trust authentic followers of Christ (especially when sharing their life story)
  3. They must become seriously curious about Jesus, even when they aren’t curious about the church
  4. They must become open to true faith and trust in God; often times having to discard images of the Father that have kept them prodigal for so long.
  5. They must feel they belong in community often before they fully believe all the tenants of the community. It’s like a form of pre-discipleship.

Where do you sense these being true with people you know?

As it pertains to the story of the prodigal son, here are a few insights and progressions from the story.

  • The prodigal son moved from a place with the Father to a place of famine, then food (pig food), and finally feasting again with the Father.  What are the feasts, famine, and food places in your life?
  • We often remain prodigal because we think of the Father as (a): Kill Joy, Distant or Dead, an Employer or Vending-Machine, or a Father with blessings He Desires to Give Us via Relationship with Him.
  • We are all prodigal, We are all the older brother, and We all have moments when we are to be like the Father (Henry Nouwen)

Where are these insights and images true in your life?

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