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Riverbank Cheese & Wine Century

The annual century that was my first ever, and has become the end of my personal cycling season, was last weekend.  The weather this year was perfect for the ride and the ride organizers did a great job all around.

My hope was to finish the 106 miles with a sub 6-hour time.  I was just a little bit off with a 6:06 time, 5:45 at 100 miles (those last six are the buggers). The route included 3,500 feet of climbing, 20 serious hill miles right in the middle of the ride. See the route at MapMyRIDE: Riverbank Cheese and Wine Century – 10/9/11.

I was able to ride with Gavin Thayer for a good part of the morning. He is one of the guys who first got me into road cycling and witnessed my inaugural ride to Knights Ferry in 2008. At about 27 miles in, the route began to pitch a bit. For the 6 hours of riding, my heart rate monitor registered around an average of about 140 plus. When the ride was complete, I had burned over 6,000 calories!  With all that pushing, this was one hard ride. I gave it my all.  Surprisingly,  I was told that I was only the third 100-miler to arrive at the final water fill-up stop.  There were 75+ riding the 106 mile course that day.

Here are pictures from the ride… unfortunately none that prove I was there (ha!). But I have witnesses and sore legs to prove it.  Always a great ride.

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