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The Journey, Fall 2011

This week I will be at the Pine Springs Ranch in Mountain Center, California. It’s a retreat center tucked into the mountains just outside Idyllwild. This is the third and final Journey retreat of this year. I love driving up the hill knowing that I will be spending a week refreshing my soul with the people of God.

One of the big sayings at the Journey is to “Learn to be the people of God before we do the work of God.”  That’s my goal this week. The rest is much needed.  I have felt like my heart has needed a V8 for awhile now.  These moments of escape should aid in that vertical re-alignment.  My hope is to share what God is teaching my here later in the week.  I would covet your prayers during these days.

Scott Elliott and I have suffered through another stay in Palm Springs before completing the last leg of the trip up the hill.  I say that jokingly as we have stayed in a 4-star resort we priceline.com-d for near pennies (Seriously, if you ever need a vacation this time of year, mid-week stays at resorts are cheap). It’s his last session of the 2-year Journey experience as a participant, as well as a few other pastors and leaders from Big Valley Grace. I keep coming because I help out, but it’ll be bittersweet to see these guys complete the journey generation experience at Pine Springs.  Then the journey will continue.

Well, time to put the computer up, get a shower, exit the resort life (ha ha) and head up the mountain to cooler temperatures. I am excited for what is in store.

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