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I like being In-Shape

Yes, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting into shape.  I can’t tell you how good I feel; how strong, rejuvenated, and healthy.  One reason for this newness is my role outside my time at the church.

Getting my Spinning instruction certification to work at In-Shape has been an excellent choice for me for a couple of reasons.  Of course, the first being the obvious fitness it provides.  I have been teaching for just around 3 weeks now; twice at my 5 AM Thursday McHenry SPORT class and a few other times subbing at Brenda and other In-Shape locations.  Starting March 7 at 5:30 PM @ the Floyd Gym, I will be teaching a second class, every week.  It felt good to be trusted with a new opportunity.

With the job and my own workouts (road or gym), I am pulling at least 4-5 cardio/endurance based classes a week.  And interestingly enough, I don’t feet super tired.  I’m telling you, this CLEAN reset cleanse has been so good.  I’m not on it officially, but still enjoying foods I ate during it with mild additions of things I really missed.  It’s so good to feel healthy, to actually be healthy.

The second benefit is somewhat unique to me I believe.  Being outside my normal job parameters, in a more common public third place has been eye-opening.  The mention of my job site at times will draw weird looks and even “Where is that at?” comments.  Modesto is bigger than the 4.2 mile radius I live, breathe, shop, work,  and eat in.

It’s helped me remember that The Kingdom is much bigger and broader than the kingdom of my life, or the name of my workplace.  Part of me thinks that unless you live day in and day out within a full-time ministry context, the sentence prior might not resonate with you.  But for me, I have needed this balance, desired this balance, but never truly found it.  There is something about spending quality time outside the walls of the building, with people, that is truly life-giving.  That could be one reason didn’t set up shop and have people come to Him, but traveled from town to town, house to house (or one my say heart to heart).

Basically, if the Kingdom was going to expand through my obedience, that required that my little world, my schedule, and my obedience needed to expand as well.  Those were hard truths, but I’m enjoying the journey of applying them in this new season of life.


* NOTE:  If you’d like to come to a class, message me and I will get you a 7-day pass to try it out.

* NOTE 2:  This was not the post about my views of fitness & Christianity (early next week).




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One comment on “I like being In-Shape

  1. You glorify God by your obedience, and HE is blessing you in your obedience. May HE continue expanding the kingdom as you give genously of your self. See you tomorrow

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