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On a Mission from God

{edited from earlier today}

I was browsing the itunes world for new music.  And I have to tell you that one of my favorite features of itunes is the “other people also bought” feature.  I feel a bit like I’m finding out a secret– I know I’m weird.  But more than that, it introduces me to new artists and music; often lesser known.

Anyway, I stumbled on the Red Mountain Church‘s worship projects.  The one entitled Help My Unbelief stuck out.  There is something about the simplicity of hymns, re-done or not, that has had quite a draw on my heart lately.  Their song, “It Is Finished” is very good.

While there, I surfed their site to figure out where they were located.  Listed in their about page, like many other organizations, was a statement of mission and purpose.  Here it is:

We believe that the gospel –

as taught in Scripture and lived out through the church –

changes everything.

I’m not exactly sure why it seemed to stir me so much.   Maybe it felt fresh, like their hymn interpretations.  Maybe it felt real, simple, and yet powerful and radically impossible.  How can you fully believe the gospels.  They are wildly amazing and incredibly hard to believe at times, and yet I believe.

How does the church, the bride of Christ, effectively live out this good news in a way that really makes it good news to all?  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen it done.  But sit long enough with this thought and a sense of discomfort can settle in.  Are we really doing it; living out the good news in true Christ-like community?  Is that what people exclaim about the churches of today?  Or do other phrases of sub-culture familiarity roll off their tongues?

However, it was the final phrase that got me most, “changes everything.” What changes everything?  Supposedly a specific brand of tooth paste can change a lot.  Buying the right car or drinking the proper beverage can obviously alter your social circle.  Your financial status can even change if you take that new job.  And one’s body shape will change if s/he just purchases (and uses) that number/letter mix workout DVD set.  But will that change everything?

Everything changing sounds so good one day and scary or bothersome the next.  Do I want to change too?  How can I be apart of the change?  How does it come about?  Everything… really?

Something in my soul says change is good, and here.

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