I’d love to try a social image experiment.  Over the next few weeks, I will post a picture that is interesting on multiple levels to me.  My hope would be that you’d take a moment and follow the steps below, then post a comment or two.  It’s easyfun… and as quick as you’d like it to be.

Here is the first of many pictures that spur conversation and curiosity in me.

  1. Look at the picture.  What sticks out to you in the picture and why?
  2. How does the picture make you feel, make you desire, or even wish?
  3. What scripture or spiritual truth does this picture remind you of?

Now comment away… can’t wait to hear what you get.  I’ll post my comments before the next picture goes up.

{HINT:  Are you drawn to the size, colors, void, people, lighting, activities in pic?}

{HINT:  click the photo for larger view}

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  1. At first I am in awe of the size of the building (cathedral), color and lighting. then I notice there are few people. It seems to be more about the building than the people.

    I feel stimulated with the color and details of the building which draws my attention from the people (they are smaller)
    I feel cold, empty and ready to go to another pic, hopefully more nuturing.This is not a place I want to stay.

    I think of Heb 10:25 Let us not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

  2. On a recent trip we passed thru Las Vegas just to see what it looked like for real. I had the overwhelmingly troubled feeling in my spirit that Jesus wasn’t there. He was in the hearts of some of the people, no doubt, but he himself wasn’t in Vegas. Elvis had left the building, so to speak.

    I get the same feeling here. Matthew 24.

  3. Look at the picture.  What sticks out to you in the picture and why? 

    The colors, attention to detail the architect had, its seems to all be about beauty.  I love the high ceiling which directs attention upward to the heavens. I also like the space where one can be alone in worship for sitting in silence and stillness, just listening. Listen to ones body. Listening to thoughts (without engaging them or judging them).   I believe God speaks in and to all the beauty in this house of worship. 

    How does the picture make you feel, make you desire, or even wish?

    It makes me want to get on my knees and worship the beauty of our God, not the physical beauty but the spiritual beauty of his love for us and the new covenant we have with him. 

    What scripture or spiritual truth does this picture remind you of? 

    Eze 16 where God is speaking abouti the spiritual beauty of the nation of Israel.

    This was on my iPhone, when I get home I’m going to have a better look at thus picture

    Thanks for posting

  4. I think like many have said, I’m drawn to the beauty, the color, the ornate nature of the building. And knowing what little I do about the cathedral in history, they were designed beautiful on purpose– to cause people to look up and praise the great God of heaven who sent His one and only Son. The temple itself in the scriptures was ornate in a similar way.

    The actual layout of a cathedral is in that of a cross too. The long aisle, the deepset choir/organ/decor area the main pulpit placement, and the cross beam aisle in front of the pews that I believe is called a narthex. Either way, the emblem of the cross & redemption is stamped the architecture as well.

    And yet… like many have stated I’m moved by the people, some would call them tourists. I find it sad that we tour churches instead of become the living breathing church– people called out by the living God.

    Fun little exercise either way… thanks for playing. More to come tomorrow!


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