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DAY 3: 'Earth Day' Rest & Disicpline

4/22/09:  220 (and a smidgen) lbs.

The weight is coming off quick, but I guess that makes sense since I usually roll between 218 and 220.  I figure the 218, 215, and 210 landmarks are going to be tougher.

The workouts have been going well.  I went to spin on Monday (1 hour), and rode 20 miles yesterday (just over an hour).  Today, I have what they call, “tired muscles.” So my workout will probably consist of taking an Aleve, pedaling to work, and trying not to polute anything on Earth Day (seriously… do you think the earth really cares that we celebrate it?).

It’s actually interesting the parallel between physical discipline and spiritual discipline.  Somehow taming the flesh from food trains you to tame your mind from sin as well.  Makes sense since Paul so often talks about the battle between the soul/Spirit and our flesh!

“Journey On…”

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One comment on “DAY 3: 'Earth Day' Rest & Disicpline

  1. Yeah, from 225 down to 210 was easy. 210 down to 200 is a long journey that I am still on. It really takes a huge lifestyle change to make it happen.

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