"TV Evangelist Don Stewart"

Wow! I have never seen anything so unbelievable in my 23+ years of salvation as I have seen tonight. Tonight, my friends, I witnessed the great Don Stewart… TV Evangelist.

We drove to the Sacramento Conference Center yesterday to see this faith healer evangelist and we arrived just in time for announcements. I know that many people give evangelists a hard time about only wanting money, but the announcement man literally said, “You can never have enough money.”

Soon after the announcements {hallelujah} we were led to “worship” with amazingly stale gospel tunes played on a synthesizer followed quickly by the worst American Idol rendition of “Blessed Assurance” ever. And then the big man himself came out singing his little ditty about basically being himself, a water hose for the living water of Jesus to flow through to us {nothing like a backwoods rural metaphor in an urban trendy town}.

It wasn’t long until people were shouting excitedly. The infamous magical green hanky of “faith” touching “grace” was soon adorning the heads and hands of the faithful D.S. (Don Stewart) followers. I have seen these moments in movies, but nothing could have truly prepared me to see this live… it was just like a movie (actually worse because this movie was real).

There wasn’t a Bible to be found within about 20 feet of the stage and he didn’t find a way to one the whole night either. Slowly he layered cliché after cliché and promise on top of promise until the whole crowd on the edge of their seats. Every microphone amplified shout was followed by an organ soundtrack of emotion and a frequent yet unauthentic “hallelujah”. He was the pied piper in the room that was for sure!

But of course he was. That’s what he wanted. He wanted to take a bunch of broken, hope-needing, money-loving, desperate souls on the Don Stewart roller-coaster. This ride had a few pauses for impulse CD buying (mid-service even) and “seeds” of miracle offering collections.

I have never seen a group of people so quick to let go of their money for a guy that seemed so shady. However, the extreme hopeful or those brainwashed didn’t seem to stand a chance. They sang, danced, and shook the great and mighty green hanky. Donny had them on the train to “suggestive selling” and last night people were hungry to buy a miracle even if it seemed a bit un-real or old man ego-tripping. At one point he actually said, “look how gifted I am?”
The “Holy Ghost?” healings to place one after another deep into the night… each one promising way more than was ever delivered. Miracles were happening! For me the miracle landed more in the detached, business like behavior of Don’s colleagues as the show went on and how generic the prayers and healings were. The other miracle to me was how desperate people are for hope! I found myself sick and depression on behalf of people getting answers that were so empty.

I was reminded of 2 Timothy 3:1-5 which says that in the end times we will see religion which will have “a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.” This sits real close in scripture to the following warning in chapter 4:3-4:

“For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

I guess at the end, my heart ached for two things. The first being that I desire bring real life, truth and hope to people who are hungry for the Christ I know. And secondly, I need to protect myself, guard my heart, and defend my soul from becoming a tool used to detract from the power of the gospel. I don’t want a “form” of a walk with Christ. I want to have the real thing that I might share it with others; the same people with the hollow desperate eyes I witnessed last night!


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18 comments on “"TV Evangelist Don Stewart"

  1. Dude Shawn,
    Great post on the healing hanky man. That was such a crtazy night. It was so sureal. I think everyone needs to see the at least once to get fired up.

    p.s.(can we get blue and orange hankies to wear on our heads in xrds)

  2. it really is sad that the gospel and spiritual giftings of the Lord are misused and treated as a side show. my heart breaks for the people who do not know enough Truth to fend off people like Don.

    i wish i could argue that i’m shocked and appalled, but i’m not- not in the least bit, actually. we as people look for what we want to see; even in the Light of the Word, we turn our heads and say we do not understand. The body of Christ is hardly in a knowledgeable position regarding doctrine, and our current state reflects that deficiency.

    I believe in miracles. I believe in prayer. I believe in spiritual gifts and the wonder and mercy that is Christ Jesus. Reading this, however, makes me believe in people less, being in ministry more, and hope that things like Don’s circus just paves the way for truth in the end.

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  4. Yes this is sad and tragic and finally I’m attempting like you and many others to do something about this scam, con, whatever you wish to call it, more I read, research the more I’m convinced and only shocked more have not come forward on the matter, but I’m about over 90% sure now anyway, at the least, does not sit pretty in my spirit and I’ve nicely warned those TV ministries involved, one I support myself, and have done for years, but this is ringing alarm bells for me:


    Anyway thanks, and God bless, Lee.

  5. This guy is a __________. He will burn in hell for this. Go to his site and look at his teaching cd sets where you can find out how God will make you richer. Total blasphemy and disregard for Christ and the Bible.

  6. Strong Comments Steve… but I get the point

  7. i have seen many times the miracles through t.v i wish if i go to that church to see live but due to some constrainets i can’t go… but i do believe that the miracles are happening… i do believe also many of them are delivered by watching…. so what? except jesus who is going to heal them? we need to pray to Mr Don Stewart and his ministry… to expand his ministry and to reach many of them.
    we (Africa Ethiopia) are blessed in his ministry

    praise be to the Lord

  8. My father has fallen for the green hanki. I told him in many ways you don’t have to pay to prayer or get the blessings from God. Don has the media on his side and they target the weak and feed of them. What my dad said truely broke my heart. He said “if Don’s work is real and my money can help him heal the helpless, then my money is well spent” and i argued how can we prove that he is real or not… “Then he replied “if Don is using the Lords words to scam people then he will pay for it in the long run.” Now my father works hard for every cent he earns and to see him share his earnings to help others with nothing in return and I hope to God that Don’s heart is at least half that big.

  9. I have never seen anything but Don Stewart glorify God. Either you like his style or you don’t.
    He appeals to a lot of people and almost certainly has converted many to Christ. I am someone who has been exposed to doctrinal religion all my life, and only saw him for the first time two weeks ago. I have my own denomination in which I believe, but I also believe he does tremendous good and is inspirational to many people. If you don’t like him, switch off and view a pastor who delivers a heavier sermon. Plenty of good people out there doing a terrific job.
    Chuck, U.K.

  10. Just grabbed the feed… thanks for posting this.

  11. DS is just another in the never ending line of thieving tv preachers. How can they be stopped? These crooks are obviously greedy and care of nothing but MONEY. What is absolutely amazing is that they have so many blind supporters! I real many blogs and for every negative commentary on these vultures there is an equal amount of people who actually buy into the crap that these disgusting TV preachers spew! I just don’t get it.

  12. I live in the u.k. a place which must be one of the most immoral countries on the planet, and it must be almost impossible to convert anyone here. I have my own religion which I have for decades taken for granted. Watching D.S.woke me up and I have never been closer to Christ and my own faith. I also have never heard him speak other than to glorify Christ. I have to be honest, I sent for a green hanky. Believe me or don’t believe me things have been going so right ever since. The man does only good in the world. It’s up to the individual if they want to give or not, it does not change the message.

  13. As usual in this age confusion reigns, these telly evangelists wouldnt listen to a prophet of God, & like balam & judas sure they have a miracle ministry BUT, watch there teaching even if its 99% right, they are as the bible says “false christs”NOT false jesuses, christ means ANOINTED, & not the devils either, its the real holy ghost anointing on a false {non seed} person, look at the parable of the wheet& the tares…..the rain types the outpouring of the spirit… yes on juduses also, its to bring everything to fruit in our endtime harvesr age, its ok these guys are just playin into gods plan…to bundle {get them together} the tares ,it takes an anointing to do that, this church age is prophesised to be {rev 3 18}listen to the sermon “anointed ones at the end time” by william branham…with an open heart…

  14. The lord knows his people and the number of hairs on thier head . Do not be worried. Even though somewhere in there is the truth. Be reminded of JUDAS and wonder after suicide was there a heart change???

  15. Everybody reading this, please do the Godly thing and pray earnestly for Don Stewart. Let God be His judge. Ask God to move upon him to shake off any self-idolitry, or false teachings. I got a letter today from Don saying his ministry was failing and he may shut down a food pantry. In the last days, God is shutting doors of churches, ministries and evangelists that are not bringing souls and deliverence to His Church. We all see it. May the true believers and ministers still stand firm in faith throuighout this world until the Lord returns. Keep close prayer watchers. The best time to pray is midnight. Follow what Jesus did. He prayed at midnight. He asked the deciples, “Can’t you stay awake 1 hour?” He is asking us the same thing. Eveer notice most deaths occur beween 12 and 3 am? That’s when the forces of hell are doing their evil, mostly. We Real Children of God, “I AM” Yahweh, should know His name and His voice. You need to fast and pray like the Lord did at midnight. Miracles will begin to manifest rapidly! Don’t look at people or circumstances any longer, only look to God, He is your source. I pray all who read this, will regain their faith and strength and the Fire of the Holy Spirit will come upon you delivering you from all lies and deception, laziness and complacincy. In Jesus, “YASHUA” name amen

  16. thanks Marlene great great words and awesome prayer, thank you JESUS!!!

  17. Jesus Christ says,if you do this to the least of my breathren you do it to me.In revelations 11 it says,if you harm these two witnesess you will die.These two are prophet don stewart,prophet peter popoff.Stop your causing harm to your futures.Your doing it to God.Hes the ruler with a rod,in revelation 12,He desires you dont listen to the evil one the dragon.From His chosenwoman.

  18. I was actually Don Stewart’s Associate Evangelist for several years and I can say with certainty that Don Stewart never attached any magical value to the Green prosperity Prayer Cloth — In fact, he often says that the prayer cloth is nothing more than cloth — it is simply a touch point that a person can use to release their faith in God’s promises for their life. Think of it more as an illustrated sermon — a way of getting people to connect their faith with the goodness of God. — not forgetting that the Apostle Paul sent out handkerchief and aprons that he prayed for to the sick and afflicted.
    What you don’t see on television are the hundreds of people at every meeting that give their lives to Jesus Christ, the children that Don Stewart Association feeds around the world (the Philippines, Liberia, South Africa) — not to mention all the people that the Northern Arizona Food Bank has helped (individual families & disaster victims) — You may be interested to know that Don Stewart has even received recognition from a president of the United States for his humanitarian work world-wide.
    You may or may not like his style — you may or may not like his doctrine — but I imagine that there will be quite a few people that didn’t quite see the world like you do in heaven as well. What a surprise when we get to heaven and discover that none of us had it 100% correct — Thank God that He looks into our heart — otherwise none of us would make it.
    In my opinion the best posture we can take as Christians is to leave judgment in the hand of the Lord. We will all stand before the Lord Almighty, alone and naked on that day of judgment — and we will all answer for the work and actions of our lives

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